Ireland Before, During, and After British Colonization

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Ireland Before, During, and After British Colonization

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Ireland Before, During, and After British Colonization
Ireland was colonized by British settlers between the 16th and 17th century. To be precise, it was the British Protestants that conquered this nation. Consequently, there was enmity between Protestants and Catholics regarding Ireland’s colonization. It is salient to note the changes present after Ireland was colonized by the British settlers (Bartlett 2). Also, the colonization resulted in the adoption of the British government and its laws. It is important to understand that the enmity between Catholics and Protestants and adoption of British laws were rendered significant happenings in the history of Ireland (Bartlett 2). For this reason, it is clear to note that the history of Ireland may be divided into three sections. This paper will critically examine the history of Ireland before, during, and after British colonization.
Before colonization, the Irish focused on clans rather than monarchies and states. As earlier mentioned, they adopted the British laws that incorporated monarchial rule. The societies in Ireland were ruled by decentralized clans overseen by local clan elders. Moreover, the Catholics had their freedom of worship before colonization. They did not undergo any harsh penalties or rules for practicing Catholicism. They were allowed to interact with Protestants without any form of restriction. Most importantly, the Irish Catholics …

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