Investigative Analyst

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Investigative Analyst

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Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Applying for New Job: Investigative Analyst
Internal Revenue Service
Application Information
Announcement Number: 1BCE3-Ct N083L-1805-7-11-A
Position Title: Investigative Analyst
Salary: $57,161
Stop: 4555/SP
Hours per Week: 40
Series: 1802
Pay Plan: GS
Grade: 07
Supervisor: ((954) 991-4053)
Okay to Contact this Supervisor: Contact me first
Plantation: FL 33324 US
I assumed the position of Tax Fraud Investigative Analyst on 1st June 2017 a post I held up to 31st May 2018. Over the course of my last job, I have gained experience that encompasses probing complex financial and tax frauds allegedly perpetrated by individuals and corporations.
I have ingrained expertise in accounting principles and techniques, and the capacity to apply them in analyzing fundamental manuals and electronic books and records to find and filter evidence of fraud indicator such as tax evasion. In developing evidence of tax frauds, I have used a wide array of database such as TECS, NCIC, EPIC and CBRS among others. I have skills in developing information gained from the stated databases and other investigative activities mainly by employing word processors, spreadsheets and graphics software.
I have taken part in planning and conducting interviews of informants including assisting in the interview processes of principals and third parties. Regarding this, my job entailed administering handwriting and hand-printing exemplars as reques…

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