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Internet Archive Wins Webby Awards, 2017
Internet Archive is a nonprofit library that gives online users access to millions of free music, books, software, movies, and websites. Webby Awards honored with 2017’s Lifetime Achievement Award for its unwavering determination to ensuring online availability and accessibility of knowledge (Olson para. 1). The obvious issue that lingers on people’s mind is the extent to which Internet Archive offered better services and online experience than its competitors. A wide variety of internet services, free access to websites, and knowledgeable historian are the strengths of Internet Archive.
A review of the website reveals a wide range of online services. For instance, there is a collection of live music archive, community texts, American libraries, Canadian libraries, podcasts, community spirituality and religion, television archives, old-time radio, journals among other items. In all of the collections, the number of available items ranges from 1,000 to over 1,000,000 (Internet Archive 1). Besides its diversity, any person can easily access these resources from across the world. Internet Archive aims at providing free access to knowledge not only for the current population but also for the future generations. The provision of free universal knowledge could, therefore, be the primary contributor to the success of the company since internet users try to mi…

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