Instructional Theories Assignment

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Instructional Theories Assignment

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Instructional Theories
The way people define learning should relate to how institution conduct it in order to change what they know and do. However, their different designs of giving instructions; behavioral, constructivist and cognitive. They all give directions of how learning should be conducted for a better foundation of institution planning. Moreover, each learning perspective is determined by specific interpretations of the learning process as well as the required outcomes. It is thus important to evaluate the comparison of the three designs in order to understand how the differences should be incorporated into practical applications of instructional command.
Many students fail to understand the order of operations not because they are poor in learning, but it’s because they are exposed to poor learning methods. However, using behaviorist approach to teach students about the order of operations in math gives them a way of remembering without necessarily referring to their books. The parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction criteria of handling calculations helped many people to remember how operations are carried out. On the contrary, it failed to leave the “from left to right” requirement for multiplication division and addition subtraction. Due to the behavior adaptation of the criteria, many students assumed multiplication always go before division and addition go before subtraction.
For instance, some students say that the answe…

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