Informative Essay- Origins of Nail Color/ Nail Art

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Informative Essay- Origins of Nail Color/ Nail Art

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Origin of Nail Color
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Nail polish has gained its popularity in modern times though many of its examples emerged in the ancient times. Nail polish empowered by the amazing improvements in science and technology especially modern chemist got accepted by the female population and the society in general.
Nail care had always been an important part of fashion since its invention in 3000 B.C.E, but its importance grew after the emergence of first portraits in the 17th century that had shiny nails. This inspired nail care a lot together with other cosmetic products and they spread among the general population being accepted significantly during the Victorian age (Toselli 2009).
According to history, nail polish is said to have been created in China around 5000 years ago. At this time, its use was by the ruling class to distinguish themselves from the rest of the population. The popular colors at the time were metallic in nature example gold and silver, and they were a sign of power and wealth. In Babylon, red or black nail polish was used to identify people of a high-class while the rest of the colors acted as identifiers of the peasants (Shapiro 2014).
Nail polish spread from China across India, the Middle East, and northern Africa. Nail polish vanished from the European fashion alongside other cosmetic products after the fall of the Roman Empire but returned after the arrival of rebirth and new trade connection with the Middle East and…

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