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infant tastes

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Infant Taste
(Name)(Course)February 26, 2018(Faculty)Infant Taste
On several occasions, mothers, and nannies experience the moment when the child dislikes the food prepared for them and when forced to eat they end up throwing up. In this case, at the infant stage, the baby is usually aware of the how food tastes and has a fully functional taste buds. Nehring et al. (2015) explain that the infant taste buds are more than that of the adults and develop when the baby is still inside the mother’s womb. The infant taste bud has a sense of what is sweet and what is bitter during birth. However, Yuan et al. (2016) explain that the reaction of the infants to foods that are salty does not appear until the infant reaches five months. As a result, babies prefer sweet taste hence the reason why the love the mother’s milk and will in all occasions show signs of disgust when they are presented to with food that tastes or smell bitter and sour.
Such food such as fruits and vegetables that mostly infants consume vary in taste and hence infant preferences vary. Blair (2017) explains that the taste preference of infants can use to describe their taste as they grow up. In his study, explains that children that consumed vegetables and fruits less during their infant stage were two and a half times more like also to consume less of the same fruits and vegetables when they are six years old. However, Barton (2017) states that it is possible to manipulate the children taste by exposing th…

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