Infant Feeding Case Study

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Infant Feeding Case Study

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Infant Feeding Case Study
It is beautiful to have a baby but what makes it even fancier is the child living in good health. Parents have to ensure their toddlers consume a sufficient proportion of food requirements for healthy growth. It is for this reason that this essay documents a case study of a six years old baby by the name of Hughes. The paper gives feeding recommendations after a close analysis of the case.
At the age of 6 months, Hughes was very healthy and could consume about 11 once in one feeding instance (Ford n.p). Hughes, however, did not want to take solid food but his parents persisted. He accepted to take low portions of fruits but refused taking vegetables.
I would recommend that the parents try another variety of vegetable for the baby and see if he would agree to take a different combination. You can, for instance, give him sweet potatoes instead of Irish potatoes since children prefer sweeter foods (Caton, Blundell and Ahern 1). If not, the parents should attempt to give him a mixture of the intended vegetable with a fruit flavor that he likes. For example, they can have minimal portions of carrots with a lot of apple sources. If he agrees to take this, the parents can be slowly reducing the amount of apple source in the combination while increasing the amount of carrot or whichever vegetable they desire their child to take. Little by little, this would make the baby take up the required vegeta…

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