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Turn and Talk
Turn and talk is a crucial instructional strategy as it aids the creation of equitable learning an environment necessary for early childhood development. This model encourages children interactions through meaningful one-on-one discussions. By encouraging students to engage classmates in meaningful discussions, teachers can foster a sense of equality and thus encourage students to value diversity (Tarbell 5).
In many of the tweets from the professional organizations that involve the community in transforming lives through literacy such as the International Literacy Association, the value of promoting diversity in childhood learning is emphasized. Based on the context of these tweets, early childhood is the basis for a person’s emotional well-being and life success. This reiterates the need to put more focus on the early years of a child as it is the right time to direct the life of a person through adulthood. Literacy could be used to promote equality. However, teachers have important roles to play to this effect. One such role is to choose the right instructional strategy and to prepare adequately for the students’ interaction. The Turn and Talk strategy is highly applicable on this front to promote equality in the learning environment.
An example of a tweet I would send to a professional organization related to classroom equality and diversity such as the International Literacy Association i…

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