The Power of Our Words

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The Power of Our Words

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The Power of Our Words
A word is not all about voice neither it is a disembodied gesture, in education, a word is significant since it is a channel of communication convention hence there should be an emphasis of the correct application of words within the academic settings. The use of words as a communication approach makes the humans who are the single users unique. In the educational field, words mean a lot. Words have to mean, and they can impact individuals negatively and positively.
An Instance Demonstrating the Negative Use of Words
With regards to words, teachers are very pivotal when it pertains to the words they use to their students. Teachers need to use skillful communication so that they say the right words at the right time to the right person and that is the student in my case; there was one statement that my teacher conveyed during an instance while I was in third grade that negatively impacted my performance in Mathematics and Sciences in general. After failing a math attempt in class, these were his words, “This was expected of you based on your persistent trailing math records.” After a round of laughter from my classmates, I knew that math was not my thing to date.
An Instance That Demonstrates Positive Use of Words
Skillful language can also shape students to build positive relationships with their life endeavors. One word from my creative art teacher has impacted my talent in creative art to date. In one school assembly, she applauded my…

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