Improving Productivity and Reducing Costs

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Improving Productivity and Reducing Costs

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Improving Productivity and Reducing Costs
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Improving Productivity and Reducing Costs
Increasing employee productivity is among the most strategic roles of the human resource department within any given business since the job entails establishing policies, procedures, and programs that assist in the government of people management. These same strategies are meant to improve the output per dollar spent on the labor costs as well as the revenue per employee. Some of the bonus programs are enacted to maintain the total compensation of employees in line with the changing market trends regardless of the values given to work warranting the reimbursements. The training tools used in the increase of employee productivity are also secured with the used of the lowest cost provider methods with a minimal consideration granted to the most efficient provider. Recruitments are further managed with the primary goals of minimising costs as opposed to enabling the business capacities. In a nutshell, the human resource department is mainly concerned with the execution of transactions that fit a given company as opposed to the delivery of solutions to improve productivity (Sullivan, 2011).
Consequently, the levels of productivity are influenced by some factors that the human resource department uses to determine the business productivity objectives. A high performing and innovative employee body is a focal point of the improving the productivity of a given company, and…

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