Importance of skills in an organization

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Importance of skills in an organization

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Importance of Skills for an Employee
Every company has a set of skills that enable it to achieve her goals. The skills identified are thus essential for the growth of the company when applied either individually or as a combination CITATION Aud18 l 1033 (Bianca). An employee needs technology skills to complete the allocated tasks neatly, quickly, accuracy and on time factors that lead to success. According to Bianca, “Strong interpersonal skills foster teamwork and create positive connections with clients.” An employee with excellent communication ability relates well to the stakeholders including clients, bosses, and colleagues leading to greater achievement. Possession of organizational skills enables the employee to complete their tasks well and increase their confidence factors that contribute to their growth (Cottrell 8). Staffs who manage their time well succeed since they can meet the set deadlines and respond to any unforeseen problem. Bianca says, “When unforeseen issues arise, administrative assistants readjust priorities accordingly.” Time conscious employee does not work under intense pressure hence they can deliver their best within the time limits.
Employees with good coordination ability ensure the workplace is running smoothly for instance deliveries are made on time, salaries paid and office equipment are in order. The skill ensures that nothing is on the way hindering his success CITATION Aud18 l 1033 (Bianc…

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