Impact of the new Nicaragua canal on Panama

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Impact of the new Nicaragua canal on Panama

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New Nicaragua Canal Project
Technology has become part and parcel of the modern day world. One thing that comes out very clearly is the fact that when people are able to incorporate various expertise in the field of engineering, information technology, business and other relevant fields. If at all individuals, private firms, public sectors, and governments have to complete a big project, the same aspects mentioned above must be taken into consideration. One such example of a project is the Nicaragua canal. The Nicaraguan project will be one of the biggest endeavors of civil engineering that has ever been embarked on anyplace in the world, with the authorization from the Nicaraguan government. It is a scheduled shipping route through Nicaragua that will join the Caribbean Sea with the Pacific Ocean. Its scheduled to begin at the end of 2015 and end in will averagely cost over 40 billion dollars, but it might cost double the amount. It will bring about massive changes in the economic structure of Nicaragua, and this is if it’s done right and to completion since Nicaragua is ranked among the poorest in Latin America. The present destructive nationwide and regional-driven tendencies of impoverishment environmental destruction will also have major changes effected due to the constructions. In the case of poor…

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