Immigration in Europe

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Immigration in Europe

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Immigration in Europe
The selected immigrant groups and the countries of destination
Immigration is the process by which people move and live in a foreign country. People move to countries they are not citizens and do not have citizenship and becomes immigrants to that nation. In most cases, immigrants stay permanently in the states they have moved to and at times acquire citizenship as indicated in (Migration and migrant…para 2). With current crises for instance in Syria a war tone are, citizens are fleeing to Europe both legally and illegally for their safety. These people become refugees and are protected by international humanitarian laws. The global immigrant population between 1990 and 2005 was 119 million immigrants. More than 100 million immigrants live in the developed countries like Canada and German. Approximately 38 million of these immigrants live in the USA making it a 20% of the immigrants. This figure translates into an immigrant population in the USA makes 13% of the USA population. Europe supports 33% of the immigrant’s population making it the frequent destination of choice for immigrants in the world. 28 countries in the world carry approximately 75 % of the total immigrant population.95 million of the immigrants are women representing around 80 % of the total immigrant population as indicated in (Migration and migrant…para 5). They are also immigrants especially for those cases that have no intenti…

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