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im watching 2 movies

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Film Analysis “The Searchers” and “Stagecoach” by John Ford
Without a doubt, John Ford became one of the greatest and most intuitive storytellers in American Film History. Although his most important films are Westerns, he was capable of making pieces that were great in their way. In Stagecoach, we see microcosms of an era long lost, a movie that intends to defy the conventions of the depression era, and the Western films. In the same way, it was produced with great care, as Ford intended it was not a “B” movie, but a film that the serious adult public could enjoy. Also, instead of featuring a single story, stagecoach featured several that intertwined together in the stagecoach trip. On the other hand, in The Searchers we observe a new Ford, whose views toward the world have changed. Although the movie is about the kidnapping of a girl by Indians, there is not racism on it. As if Ford had addressed those issues that abounded in Western films and gave them a different direction, focusing on the action to create an excellent western movie.
In this essay, we shall do a critique concerning the esthetic qualities and similarities of both films. We shall do observations concerning camera; editing; color, and story. To do a thorough and comprehensible analysis, we shall address each issue separately.
Camera. In “Stagecoach” Ford uses high-angle shots to contrast the size of the stagecoach with the i…

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