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A Comparative Essay between IFSP and IEP
As Will’s teacher, I would encourage his parents to participate in developing an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) for him. This would require a comprehensive assessment of Will’s level of development to determine his individual needs for the IFSP. I would encourage the parents to share information about their resources, concerns and desired outcomes for their son. We would then proceed to set achievable goals for him to address his developmental challenges. The support services required would be established and provided for by all of us concerned. I would encourage the participation of a service coordinator who would be involved in evaluations and assessments, at least one family member close to the boy, and a physician or medical practitioner if we deem it necessary.
The main goal of an IFSP is to aid the child to learn and integrate with abled children and the society in which they live. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the people closest to the child, mainly the family members, participate actively in helping the child cope with their challenges. They need to provide a conducive environment to suit their child`s individual needs and continuously monitor their development. For IEP, the child’s needs and strength should be included in meeting the objectives that connect to classroom activities (Jung et al. 21).
For baby Sara, their four-year-old who also has developmental conc…

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