i am not a monster(1)

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i am not a monster(1)

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I am not a monster
Kelly Ellard could rock and weep in the witness box under cross-examination by the juries on the charges that she killed her friend Reena Virk. It is at this time that she gets angry and tells the judge that” she is not a monster”. The case gets to a tense moment between the attorney Catherine Murray and the accused, but this does not prevent the prosecutors’ questions regarding the incident that led to the death of Ellard’s schoolmate. Reena Virk was beaten up and drowned under a Victoria bridge. Ellard admits to being a participant in the first attack on Virk when a gang of her classmates lured the girl under Victoria’s Craigflower Bridge and then beating her ruthlessly leaving Reena dazed and bleeding profusely in the mud.
During my primary school days at the 6th grade, some boys lured me to beating one of our classmates who was the class prefect. We did this without a second thought, the main reason for our rage was the fact that he had made the teacher punish us for not completing assignments on time, forgetting that he was obliged to do that and was part of his duties. The next day we were reported to the school authority and suspended for two weeks. Had we changed our opinion on the class prefect we would not have been punished.
George Brown and James Craig were fans of the English Premier League, supporting two rival teams and could end up in fierce grudge at the end of the match especially when one of the team loses, despite being good friends the…

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