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The benefits of Hybrid Vehicles in Conservation of Environment
Demirdoven, Nurettin, and John Deutch. “Hybrid cars now, fuel cell cars later.” Science 305.5686 (2004): 974-976.
The article emphasizes the need for adoption of hybrid cars so as to save on fossil fuels that are on the verge of depletion. The essence is to bring to attention the need for engaging in renewable sources of power all to save the non-renewable sources of power.
Jun, Seung-Pyo, Jaeho Yeom, and Jong-Ku Son. “A study of the method using search traffic to analyze new technology adoption.” Technological Forecasting and Social Change 81 (2014): 82-95.
The study looks into the deterministic methods of the technological forecasting and social change in relation to the energy saving. It exploits all forms of research in relation to new technologies in the aid to adopting to changes in the current world all to help save the earth from the woes of pollution.
Mroszczok, Jens, et al. “Cellulose Aerogel Fibres for Thermal Encapsulation of Diesel Hybrid Engines for Fuel Savings in Cars.” Materials Today: Proceedings 4 (2017): S244-S248.
The model is efficiently designed regarding the reduced release of harmful emissions like the toxic carbon monoxide through use of diesel. The model is efficient since it makes it possible for dynamic environmental efficiency. The hybrid engine seems to be the savior in the ever degrading world environment due to pollution.
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