Human Resources Management

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Human Resources Management

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Human Resources Management
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Human Resources Management
It is my fourth consecutive year workings as an employee in one of the famous and highly competitive firms in the tech market. Within the last three years, the company had lost its creative mojo, and its performance had dropped significantly as a result of no innovations on the company’s product. Most of the blame was directed to the company’s Chief Executives Officer, but a deeper analysis and questioning most of the employees reveals that the actual cause of the current internal issues originated from the HR department office. The main cause of the problem as it appeared to us employees in the firm was the recently introduced hitherto-unquestioned Human resources department tool called “stack ranking”.
According to O’Connor (2013), stack ranking had existed in companies across the world for decades, and it involves ranking employees on the scale of 1 to 4 after every six months. From the ranks, those that fall on 1 also known as the “excellent” employees were rewarded with better or additional pay with those that got 4 or 5 depending with the HR Stack ranking design were categories as worst performers. Even though Javad (2015) categorizes the HR tool as an advantageous means towards improving the performance of a company in the market, such system only applies to a low performing or a slow-growing company and not one that is already established in t…

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