HRPO Case 22 interview

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HRPO Case 22 interview

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I would answer the four questions with a lot of confidence after I have properly internalized the questions. I would also thank the interviewer for the question and then proceed to give the suitable answer for every question that I am asked. I would advise mark to remain collected during the interview and pay attention to every question he is asked by the interviewer. Mark should not fidget in front of the panel, and he should maintain eye contact with the interviewer.
1) “What made you decide that you would like to work for our company?”
It has been my passion to work in this company because most of the goals of the company suit my goals and they can only be fulfilled if I use the core values of this company. I would want to deliver my best to the organization concerning the good reputation that it has in the job market.
2) “What do you feel you will be able to contribute to our organization?”
I would be working with the company to deliver the best of my skills so that the company realizes much more profits and for it to out-compete the other competitors in the market. And also I would embrace the teamwork to realize the greater achievements of the firm.
3) “What human-relations skills will you bring with you?”
I will be bringing with me the teamwork idea and also be in the position to resolve any form of conflict that might interfere with the productivity in the organization.
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