HRPO case 20 Preference

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HRPO case 20 Preference

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HRPO case 20 Preference
Deciding which jobs to take after receiving two or more offers can be a difficult decision to make. For Angelo, selecting the offer from Company B is highly likely to be the best decision despite the significantly lower pay when to Company A. People who experience reduced jobs satisfaction have a higher probability of quitting their jobs; this is what might happen if Angelo after joining Company A as it offers little room for growth. However, Company B allows its employees to grow and provides better security and friendly policies; this equips the workers with skills that might help them qualify for more better-paying jobs in the future if that is their goal and makes them achieve higher job satisfaction.
It is essential always to have a plan B, Angelo should, therefore, consider getting into self-employment; this requires coming up with an idea and developing a business plan. The document containing the business plan should have a title page, table of contents, executive summary and the body. The executive summary must have all the crucial details; this might be the only part investors read when considering which plan to invest (Sheetrit n.p.). It is therefore essential to include all the crucial details in a well-presented manner to earn the attention of potential investors.
The body contains detailed information about the business such as the marketing plan; this entails methods of advertising the product or service…

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