HRPO 24 Sensitivity

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HRPO 24 Sensitivity

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HRPO 24 Sensitivity
I would recommend Angelina to take up the job because she is already qualified but does not seem to be aware. Her current leadership role in her division has earned her much respect from the people who work under her, and the employees find her sociable though they find her vulnerable too. Being too lovely does not disqualify her from taking a much more significant role in the company, she needs to take the risk and accept the offer from the management because that is what good leaders do.
Anyone willing to take any leadership position should be well-organized. Good managers have the responsibility of organizing the departments for which they are in charge as well as implementing policies for the smooth running of activities. Proper time management is also essential, and managers should complete their tasks before deadlines by ensuring that they manage the time for their teams too (Owen 24). Working closely with people under them and providing the necessary training programs and keep them motivated to increase their overall input. To achieve success in a management or leadership position, one must be a problem solver and deal with issues as soon as they happen by calming up with appropriate solutions.
One of the desirable leadership and management elements that every leader should possess is having the qualities of integrity and honesty (Owen 24). Without these character traits, a business cannot …

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