How to Write Meeting Minutes

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How to Write Meeting Minutes

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How to Write Meeting Minutes
Discussion: The group wanted to know whether or not they were to cover the semester using the already set schedules. The issue of changing schedules so that from ten to twelve was made a free time topped the agendas of the meeting. Additionally, they were to set the time for their monthly staff meeting (Zoom 00:00:00-00:15:00).
If the schedules were to receive some alterations, it was to happen at the start of the semester and not months after the semester had already begun. A concern as to whether it was possible to change the schedules so that from ten to twelve was freed up came up.
They said that if time and day were known then teachers and students could work their schedules towards that and that they could communicate a change of program to students online or through a voice over.
It was noted that challenges only occurred during the fall, but during spring there was no need to change schedules.
It was also said that teachers had no time for lunch or had a short break, but they agreed that they should have a one hour lunch to accommodate their monthly staff meetings. Teaching from nine o’clock to twelve was proposed to allow for a one hour break.
Discussion: They had agreed earlier to set up faculty offices with computers and all the addresses and information about the staff. There was also an issue about keys and parking lot which they were to address (Zoom 00:00:00-00:15:00).
Members resolved tha…

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