How do language and literacy develop?

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How do language and literacy develop?

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How do Language and Literacy Develop?

How do Language and Literacy Develop?
Language defines the verbal and non-verbal characteristics used by humans to communicate to one another. At birth, all individuals have no ability to communicate. However, almost immediately after birth, they begin to acquire the basic elements of communication. As children interact with adults and their surroundings, behaviourists believe that their observation of the environment facilitates their process of learning languages. This is because they observe communication patterns from those around them. However, contrary perspectives indicate that the process of acquiring languages is not solely dependent on observation and learning (Saxton, 2010). This is because many children can compose many sentences using language structures they have never encountered before. According to Noam Chomsky, this alludes to the presence of a special learning device that facilitates language acquisition (Bowerman & Levinson, 2001). The theories of language acquisition include nativist, cognitivist, and interactionist among others, which facilitate the acquisition of phonology, semantics, grammar, and pragmatics to gain total command and the ability to manipulate a language.
The Basic Components of Human Language and Development
Human communication gets affected in both productive e and receptive parameters that involve active and passive participation. As language begins to…

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