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History Argumentative essay

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“Was America an exceptional nation prior to 1877, the end of Reconstruction”
I disagree with the statement that “most Americans before the Civil War believed that their nation was truly exceptional” This is because the Americans suffered from economic wounds characterized by poor economy, manipulation of funds, high expenses and even great numbers of deaths (William, 263). The US had to plan on how to take the advantages of war to establish stronger relationships by restoring the 11 former Confederate states that had seceded from the Union in 1861. Therefore the US Nations were not stable to declare the sense of exception.
However, some historians argue American was exceptional before the era of civil war because the US experienced a session of high political idealism between 1865 to 1877 (William, 263). The period was characterized by future hopes of growth and development as well as opportunities of massive expansion and aggressive use of federal power and authority to control and manage various political, economic, and social issues in both state and local governments (William, 263).
The argument that America was exceptional need qualification because the entire period of reconstruction was a transitional period between the members of the American republic before and during the civil war and the American republic who followed the conflict.
America was mot an exceptional Nation before 1877, the end of Reconstruction because…

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