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heart failure

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Heart Failure
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Heart Failure
The x-ray which was assigned to me by the course instructor has various implications when it gets studied keenly and closely. These are some of the inferences from this x-ray, and various conclusions can be made as guided by Ryu, (2017).
Assessment of quality/Airway
When the mnemonic PIER is used to assess the x-ray, the position seems to be in lateral and inspiration effect is good because when counted the ribs are counting to ten. Concerning the exposure, the films are not well-exposed because the lung has no good detail while the rotation is in normal due to space amidst of adjacent vertebrae’s margin and medial clavicle are coarsely equal.
Bones and the soft tissues
While the bones for osteoporosis, symmetry, lesions, and fractures are scanned, it is observed that pulmonary vessel is swollen and the subcutaneous air is restricted in a way.
While the heart’s size is evaluated, it is observed that it exceeds 60% which implicates that this patient’s heart is enlarged.
When the diaphragms are checked, their position is slight shadowing which implicates the condition of alveolar edema.
When this x-ray is studied keenly, lacks the pleural effusions which are evident. This can be understood like; the pleural effusions are subtle and small to the extent of not being seen.
Fields, fissures, and foreign bodies
In this case, the septal lines lack which, in turn, imp…

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