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Oral Hygiene
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If I were to choose a career, it would be an oral hygienist. It involves an expert who is certified by a regulatory body or dental association within the country he/she intends to operate. The reason I would choose this is due to the increase in other diseases related to poor dental health such as heart or cardiovascular diseases, dementia, diabetes, complications during pregnancy, respiratory infections, infertility, erectile dysfunctions, and cancer.
Oral hygiene will also help bring awareness on the importance of oral hygiene as well as the proper methods of maintaining oral hygiene, the risks involved when one fails to maintain their oral health and the necessary diet needed for growth of strong and healthy teeth and gums. The fact that people interact orally in their everyday activities means that oral hygiene is vital. It gives one the required confidence while communicating thus improving on esteem. Even among spouses, good oral health keeps a marriage healthy as it boosts intimacy among couples. Proper oral health improves one’s social life in the essence that friends don’t avoid you due to a foul mouth, or refuse to share a meal due to bleeding gums.
My involvement in activities such as awareness programs and donation of pastes, toothbrushes, floss strings, and periodical free tooth checkups and gum treatments have been the driving force towards interest in the career. As a child, it was uncomfortable …

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