Health Insurance and Quality

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Health Insurance and Quality

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Health Insurance and Quality
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Some of the reform initiatives that can be put in place to improve the patients’ satisfaction while minimizing the cost include the implementation of the coverage expansions as well as the delivery system changes all at the same time. When the expansion of the health coverage is applied, the underuse of the health facilities will end, and there will be a high amount of cash flow into the healthcare. The application of the new delivery system also gives the healthcare the opportunity to rectify their past mistakes (Brennan & Cafarella, 2009). Secondly, the creation of an intervention to ensure that the healthcare only deals with the specific population of people who have relatively similar problems will minimize the cost as well as time. This intervention will give the nurses the opportunity to tackle the patients with a lot of ease since they have similar problems. And also the fact the patient has same problem, the nurses offer a quality of the service to them within a very short time. The similarity and familiarity to the problem make it easy for the nurses to utilize the available resources without wastes being experienced hence quality service is realized (Brennan & Cafarella, 2009). On the contrary, the broader branches lead to delay as the nurses carry out consultation concerning a given problem to be handled. On the other hand, the quality of service can be evident if the effective reforms are put…

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