Hamlet Comparative Essay.

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Hamlet Comparative Essay.

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Hamlet comparison essay
The term Hamlet is a shortened form of the novel Tragedy of Hamlet written by William Shakespeare. The play was set in Denmark. It creates a drama where the main character Prince Hamlet comes back home from school in the University of Wittenberg, Germany, to attend his father’s burial who was murdered by his uncle Claudius so that he could seize the throne. In turn, Claudius married Prince Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude. In the play, Prince Hamlet plans to revenge for his Uncle’s actions.
Comparison of Prince Hamlet as a character in play and film
In the play, Prince Hamlet’s story is very depressing as people die and some betrayed. For instance, the uncle of Hamlet killed his father and married his mother. This emotion of sympathy can easily be felt in the play unlike in the movie, where the emotion is not shown. In the play, Prince Hamlet character is depicted as not being that crazy, but in the movie, it is over exaggerated and seen as if he is acting too crazy. In the play, Hamlet is depicted as a young person who was hurting as well as depressed. While in the movie, it was depicted as being arrogant. It is also seen in the movie that Hamlet was indeed following his father’s orders even though in the play he was not. In the play, Hamlet character of hatred was not that apparent unlike in the movie where it shows clearly that he hated Claudius, his Uncle. (Johnson 252)
Plot comparison in play and film
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