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Group Think
The society encourages people to think for themselves by allowing them to make the decisions they think are right. In the United States, people think for themselves and it is demonstrated by them taking part in the democratic processes that impact their lives directly. People are allowed to think for themselves and it is also made clear to them that choices and decisions have consequences.
In K-12, children are taught to think for themselves by teaching them and at the same time asking questions. This helps to ensure that what the students are being taught sticks in their minds and they can critically think about it. Children need to be taught critical thinking skills for them to become successful adults. In college people think for themselves
In college, I have learnt that it is good to disagree constructively. This means being able to disagree with certain information and backing it up with relevant information. Constructive disagreement is about disagreeing on something in an organized manner and not just for the sake of it.
When a conflict erupts at the workplace on in social organizations, it is important to find out the cause of the conflict. Listening to what the conflicting parties have to say is also important. Listening to the arguments from both sides will help make it easier to solve the conflict and ensure that people get back to work.
Working in teams is a great way of running an organization since ther…

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