Gordon Rule Report: “My Inspiration”

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Gordon Rule Report: “My Inspiration”

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Gordon Rule Report: “My Inspiration”
Part 1
In the course of life, human beings encounter quotes or songs that become influential in their lives and act as tools of motivation in times of turmoil. The emotional attachment is so broad that a sense of calmness is attached to them. For this project, I will choose one of the quotes by renowned mathematician Albert Einstein that has been incorporated in the contemporary world. In 1930, Einstein wrote a letter to his son Eduard, and it became famous for being the source of one of the best inspirational quotes in the world. It states that ‘Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”.
Part 2
Although the quote as it is holds a deeper meaning, the last part of the phrase “you must keep moving” is the dearest to me. As a young student, living in the contemporary world can be challenging because often than not, individuals are forced to conform to trends dictated by the society.
The age of technology and the social media has created problems for the youth who are forced to adopt certain appearances and lifestyle choice to be accepted. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up, and the statement of Einstein’s letter can be a guideline in times of tribulation when things seem not be working out according to expectations. Every time I recite the quotes, I tend to drift to some form of safe zone where can coach my emotions such that…

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