Good and Evil

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Good and Evil

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[Good and Evil In Religions]
According to modern scholars, the word religion comes from the Latin religare, which means “to bind” or “to reconnect”. (Allen, 2004). Hence, following this interpretation, religion can be understood as the necessary connection between men and the sacred mysteries. Therefore, religion, like any other ethical and philosophical system has to provide answers to the dichotomy between good and evil. However, although every religion and system of beliefs have its set of rules and notions regarding the nature of these forces, each one of them concurs on the fact that they exist and interact with the humans. In this essay, we shall explain briefly the notions of good and evil in the religions studied in class to understand how the concepts of right and wrong are widespread across the cultures, becoming a fundamental part of the human ethics. However, to properly address each religion studied, we shall separate them according to the kind of belief they profess.
For instance, pantheistic religions such as the Hinduism, Jainism and Daoism believe that evil is inherently unreal and a product of our suffering and ignorance. Thus, although the universe itself contains both values of good and evil, it does not possess either evil or good within itself, as good and evil exist separated, and the deity or deities lie beyond good and evil (Mander, 2012). However, we shall include Sikhism here although it is not a pantheist …

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