GM Turnover Challenge (one-page maximum) Mecca Cola

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GM Turnover Challenge (one-page maximum) Mecca Cola

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Mecca Cola

Personally, I would be so glad to buy all the products of Mecca Cola. Just like other people, I will not hesitate to have a taste of the new products offered by this company because it provides alternative services initially provided by Coca-Cola as well as Pepsi Cola which, have of course, been dominant players in the beverage sector. As a strong consumer for beverages, I will opt for the new company because there are lots of things that have been bothering me about Coca-Cola.

The first reason I will buy Mecca Cola’s products is because it is pro-Muslim and appropriate for all Muslim followers. I will settle on Mecca Cola’s products because I prefer its philosophy. As a company, Mecca does not subscribe to the capitalist and imperialist ideologies of Coca-Cola. Instead, it has decided to manufacture products tailored to a specific segment of the market. I am always ready to support protest products because they will help in preventing America from spreading its ideologies and forcing everyone to believe in them.

Being that the company will be using 20% of its profits on charity encourages me to consider supporting it. If this money is used for supporting the poor as planned, then, as a customer, I need to support the company fully. This implies that buying Mecca Cola’s products will giver me an ample opportunity to contribute to charity. He company’s Corporate Social Responsibility 9CSR0 strategies appeal to me because it is exclusively aimed at liberat…

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