global population and resources

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global population and resources

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Global Population and Resources.
It could be helpful to us as a country and the rest of the world if we could consume fewer global resources. To save on our resources, it is necessary for me and other Americans to adjust our ways of life. To consume less, we should try using other means of transport rather than private vehicles most especially in the busy streets. The methods of transportation include carpooling and using public forms such as buses. The above is an effective way to save on fuel. Also, walking and cycling could be beneficial, not only to save on fuel but also improving our bodies since it is a way of exercising. For building, many houses use timber which promotes the destruction of forests. There are other materials such as steel which people can use to build. These materials are not only eco-friendly but also improve the quality of houses.
Growing our food is a way of saving on our resources. Implementing the above will help us cut on the cost of transporting the food, and it will also reduce pollution. That not only cuts expenditure but also can be an exciting hobby too. There is also less reliance on food from supermarkets which are not guaranteed to be fresh. Energy efficiency will help reduce the total energy consumption of our country (Hayes, S., Baum, N., & Herndon 10). That also reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emission which is a health hazard. The American Society of heating …

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