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Volunteering Experiences in Give Kids the World Village
Before starting to recount my experiences, I consider important to speak, at least briefly about Give Kids the World (GKTW), its history, and their initiatives.
GKTW is a non-profit resort in Kissimmee, Florida. It serves children suffering from life-threatening illnesses, and their families. The resort focuses on providing accommodations, and access to the areas of the park. To be able to visit the theme park, the person must be referred by a wish-granting organization such as Make-A-Wish-Foundation. The resort includes 140 villas on 70 acres of land. After I had gone, a handful of villages had been renewed and refurbished.
GKTW was founded by a Belgian man called Henri Landwirth, a Holocaust survivor who spent many years in concentration camps. After the war, Landwirth moved to the United States, studied management, and while operating a hotel, he started to develop the idea of building a hotel to accommodate children with life-threatening diseases and their families. The main focus of GKTW is to provide an alternative to kids who want to visit Disney World, and other nearby locations, but given their conditions, they would not be able to thoroughly enjoy the theme parks. After a few years, the park became wildly successful, and after an incident where a kid died without going to the park, Landwirth created the village in a way that travel arrangements co…

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