give the history of the adhan

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give the history of the adhan

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Annotated Bibliography
Becker, C. H. “On the History of Muslim Worship.” The Development of Islamic Ritual. Routledge, 2017. 49-74.
The author highlights the developmental history of Islam, paying close attention to the worship aspect of the religion. This author is keen to indicate that the geographical location of the inaugural Muslims was key to the advancement of their worshipping intent and that they often looked towards their neighbors for influence in establishing their religious tradition. This author is crucial as he gives us a better understanding of the importance of other religions of the time on Islamic worshipping rituals, particularly the Adhan.
Morrison, Adam. “Isaac Weiner: Religion Out Loud: Religious Sound, Public Space, and American Pluralism.” (2015): 319-320.
This author’s focus is on the contentious issues surrounding public order and more particularly, religious dissent. The author reiterates the proceedings of various contributors to a town council debate in the traditionally polish-catholic town of Hamtramck, Michigan. Here, issues of religion were at play with the majority Christian population arguing that the Adhan was an unnecessary yet gratuitous declaration of Muslim presence. This author interrogated the credibility of this claim in the face of a fighting Muslim population who claimed that the Adhan was an integral part of Islam. This book is of the great essence as the readers are made aware of other existing i…

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