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The contribution of Germs to People
People live in an environment where germs thrive. Germs can be beneficial to humans as well be pathogenic and harmful. Beneficial germs are those that do not cause harm while pathogenic germs are disease-causing. Some germs such as Helicobacter pylori are both beneficial and pathogenic depending on the context. Once people linked diseases to germs, they started to sterilize to avoid coming into contact with germs for fear of diseases (Agar Art N.p). It is feared that cesarean section, excessive washing and use of antibiotics have disrupted the natural harmony between humans and germs. This results in misregulation of the immune systems in humans and diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and obesity which are arguably explained by overactive immune systems.
To deal with resistance with antibiotics, it is suggested that beneficial germs may be the solution. For instance, a Clostridium difficile bacterium which is resistant to most antibiotics can be avoided by introducing a healthy stool (Agar Art N.p). Arguably, beneficial bacteria may protect people from their pathogenic relatives that cause diseases by crowding them out in the gut and producing acids that inhibit their growth and stimulate the immune system to fight them off.
To protect the natural environment where both humans and germs thrive, people should avoid packaged foods. They should also eat a lot of vegetables, plant legumes, nuts, and whole gr…

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