Genetics 5

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Genetics 5

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1. Bacteria grow rapidly and have a short life and therefore do not have the luxury to manufacture complex proteins that they may not need. Complex organisms do have non-coding gene sequences mixed with coding ones because of the need to mix and match them to make new proteins that may be useful to the organism.
2. The evolution of eukaryotes happened from the most basic and universal functions towards the most secondary ones. The mitochondrion is more basic than chloroplast since all cells need energy and therefore it was taken in earlier than the chloroplast. As evolution continued, the photosynthetic prokaryote was taken in by the plant cell to solve the need for carbon fixation. According to taxonomical classes,mosses and pine trees both belong to the kingdom Plantae and thus may be closer as compared to mushrooms that belong to the kingdom Fungi. By evolution, since mosses contain chloroplast just like pine trees, it can be concluded that they are closer to pine trees than they are to mushrooms since they have gone one evolutionary step further together.
3. The ratio of human cells to bacterial cells in the human body is roughly 1:10 and these bacteria do play a role in and on the human body. An important role they play would be providing an invisible protective armor that keeps foreign insults at bay. This protective barrier exists on the human skin or the digestive system as normal and essential flora whose disturbance leads to severe infection by inf…

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