Genetics 3

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Genetics 3

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The Punnett square is formed on the number of probability that a gene can constitute in combination. Therefore, for an effective result in a Punnett square specific attribute must be accomplished such as an infinitely large population and random mating. With the large population makes it easier to calculate the probability of the offspring. However, the lesser the population or fewer children, calculating the probability of offspring is difficult. The fewer number of children within the genetics of an organism leads to reduced genetic diversity thus making it hard to predict in Punnett square. Additionally, a lesser number of children or population may experience loss or fixation of the alleles making it susceptible to stochastic genetic variation, which affects the chance of determining the probability of Punnett square. Lastly, the genetics of an organism with a smaller population of children can experience a shift in allele frequencies, which also can affect the presentation of offspring probability in the Punnett Square.

Question Two
According to the Mendel theory of genetic inheritance, the (Y) is dominant, and the (y) is recessive therefore the offspring of the two will result in a yellow pea. In the case of a (Yy) which is a heterozygous pea meeting with a homozygous (yy) pea, the probability of having a yellow pea offspring is fifty percent chance. That is, the odds of the offspring will be two (Yy) heterozygous yellow pea and two recessive (yy) green peas. Therefor…

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