Genetics 2

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Genetics 2

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The article is involving the exhumation of an artist who died twenty-eight years ago by the name Dali. Dali should be exhumed to extract his DNA from his remains to be compared to a lady’s DNA by the name Pilar Abel. It is being alleged that Pilar might have been the daughter of the late artist, Dali. And the confirmation the DNA will entitle her to the inheritance of some of Dali’s properties. The exhumation has followed a court order from Madrid’s judge. The previous test that was done on the skin and hairs of the artist concerning the same mission did not bear any fruits, and therefore, a new method of DNA extraction had been proposed by the scientist who was specialized in the extraction of the DNA from the remains (Metcalfe np). The scientist who is known as Moore explains some of the challenges that are likely to be encountered when conducting the extraction and some of them were the limited DNA available since most of the fleshy parts of the dead shall have disappeared depending on the environmental condition where Dali was buried. Moore also had an alternative way in which the DNA could be extracted effectively from the remains of the dead. The proposal that Moore made was the use of bones of Dali or the use of his teeth. The scientist preferred the teeth because of the enamel that acts as a protective layer of the inner materials that can be used for the test. Also, Moore explained that due to the long time that the Dali has taken in the grave, it would be eas…

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