Gender in major world religions

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Gender in major world religions

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Gender in major world religions
The idea of promoting gender equality has always been a slow process. To date, it has not yet unfolded worldwide. However, the process is a lively one, which has made tremendous steps. The incorporation of women into religious groups has gained its momentum in the recent years. It can be evidenced by the recent influence of a feminist voice in the religious groups, including Christianity and Judaism. Women activism in the various religious groups has been further developed to the ordination of women. It has also expanded and encouraged the evaluation of the role of women in Orthodox. It has also created the urge to incorporate feminist ideals as well as an analytical interpretation of religious texts in the church institution.
Feminists are people with a perception that the society is patriarchal. Many of these feminists believe that the religion is male dominated, which has reflected and perpetuated this inequality. Religious beliefs have for a long time carried a patriarchal ideology. This ideology legitimates female subordination. It has ironic that religious organizations are male-dominated, yet women participate in religious organizations more than their male counterparts. Women’s exclusion from the priesthood in many religions is a clear evidence of marginalization of women. Women have also been marginalized in places of worship. For instance, the seating arrangement has enco…

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