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Gender development
Gender Development
Gender is individual sex anatomy and the social and cultural aspect of being either male or female (“Gender Development,” 2018). Gender identity is the personal feeling of maleness or femaleness. While gender role is the social and cultural expectation of society. Gender identity surface by the age of four years. There is no specific explanation to the source of gender identity, but biological and psychological factors play a big role in shaping gender identity of a child.
The society and chromosomes aid the development of gender identity. Depending on a chromosomal combination a child develops either male of female sex organs. Society treats children according to their gender identity. Parents will treat girls differently from boys and assign the different roles in the society. Thus children caton notice their difference in gender and try to behave as the society expects of them.
Gender roles are both personal and cultural aspect; it dictates the way we interact, dress relates and communicate. Gender map is deeply ingrained in our cognitive. Parent of a child has a considerable impact on their sense of gender identity. Fathers teach their son’s strong roles like repairing broken fences while mothers teach their daughters how to clean their household.
The most popular theories that try to explain gender development is gender schema theory; it was developed in 1981 by Sandra Bern. Gender theory claim that childr…

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