Gender-Based Violence

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Gender-Based Violence

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Gender-Based Violence
An editorial written by Patrick Semansky on The Star on 9th September 2014, castigates authorities including the NFL commission, Baltimore Ravens and the justice system. This stems from a case where Ray Rice, a running back for Ravens, in a fit of rage assaults his fiancée Janay Palmer in an elevator in Atlantic City.
It is important to note that the author informs us that the victim is now married to Rice meaning that she had a passive attitude towards the assault incidence. Written in Times New Roman font 12 the choice of words makes the article engrossing. The text castigates the lethargy that organizations show when assault cases involve celebrities and the applied double standards. The author suggests that the video of the incidence going public and the outrage it elicited were the prompters to action, and not the incident itself. Semansky takes the line that taken by the public as he relays their anger and acts as a mouthpiece to victims of abuse.
The authors distaste towards the reactions of authorities and institutions involved come out when he vouches to the 1.3 million domestic violence victims and the society. He points out that as much as the NFL is trying to promote the game to a female following it erred in not taking the matter seriously.
That there is awareness among the public towards the perpetration of domestic violence is evident not only by the response that the video elicits but also by how th…

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