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Constructive Dilemma
A constructive dilemma involves making valid deductive arguments. An example of my own constructive dilemma is as shown below.
A = B if I am running, I am tired
C = D If I am sleeping, I am resting
A v C I am running or sleeping
B v D Therefore, I am tired, or I am resting.
Socrates’ argument facing his death
Socrates is one of the greatest philosophers who came up with various philosophical thoughts which have influenced peoples’ reasoning. During his period, he was arrested by the Athens government for corrupting his followers with his philosophical reasoning hence he was sentenced to death (Rachels 2). Several dialogues of Socrates which were written by Plato clearly show that Socrates’ offense was not punishable by death. For instance, he had the opportunity to escape from Athens since there were several friends as well as countries which were willing to help him but he decided to remain in Athens. The major reason why he decided to take hemlock was that he never wanted to go against the country’s law. Socrates reasoned that people have the responsibility to obey the law of their country since the country could not exist without the law governing it (Rachels 4).
A review of videos
In the video Socrates on Self-Confidence – Alan de Button, one aspect in the Socrates’ life was that he was a person who had a higher level of self-confidence. Through his self-confidence, Socr…

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