Formula One (F1) Disc Brakes

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Formula One (F1) Disc Brakes

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The aim of this report template for case study was to create an understanding of how the Formula one (F1) brakes work and more so the materials used. Different sources were reviewed and analyzed as well as a practical examination of the braking system not to mention an observation of how the brakes worked while the car was in motion. The results showed that the principle of formula one braking is quite simple. Research results also showed that the braking system used the conception that slowing an object requires kinetic energy to be removed from it (Salamone, 1996, 154). The brakes on the formula one car looked hugely complex but in reality they worked just like all other car brake systems do. By pressing the brake pedal, the driver would be pushing the hydraulic fluid down which in turn pushed out the pistons to the caliper. The piston was used to push the pads of the special friction material in the disc because it was directly linked to the wheel. However, researchers found out that a formula one car, in a mutual relationship with martial aircrafts as well as a few other modern passenger aircrafts, used a power-assisted brake measurable that was significantly different and complex.
It was found out that a formula one cars took a mere 4-second decrease its speed from 300 km/h to completely stop. The vehicle’s contender required just 2.9 seconds at 200 km/h to stop completely. It was found out that the process is usu…

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