Forestry Business Plan

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Forestry Business Plan

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Week 8
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Issues that may Arise
As explained in the case, the XYZ Corporation terminated the manager before the management conducted any investigations to determine whether the allegation was true. Consequently, several issues may arise due to the termination. First, the manager may revenge against the employee who caused the mess up and the organization for failing to investigate the matter. Moreover, depending on the manager’s action, the XYZ’s reputation may be at stake. In particular, the company may end up losing its market reputation for firing an employee based on unconfirmed allegations.
What the Company Needed to Do Differently
Indeed, it was unethical for XYZ Corporation’s senior executives to terminate the manager before the executive investigated the matter. On the contrary, the management needed to examine the matter in details to determine the validity of the allegations. They should have reviewed the source of the email and provided the manager with an opportunity to defend himself. Additionally, UBC Human Resource (n.d.) recommends for such an investigation to be conducted fairly and objectively. The aim should be to determine, to the best of the employee’s ability, the facts surrounding the said misconduct (UBC Human Resource, n.d.).
The Proposed Step-By-Step Breakdown of Investigation Process
First, the organization needed form a team of investigators to evaluate the incident. The…

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