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Leadership Development Plan

Leadership Development Plan
Philosophy of leadership and the role of the family nurse practitioner
My philosophy in leadership is to empower others and assist them to accomplish more than their dreams. I believe in openness and having respect for others in the workplace. Respect gives others an opportunity where they can be able to share their challenges, and we can find a solution to such problems. As a nurse practitioner, I believe in making promises which I can fulfill. Team members need to trust their leaders so that they could respect their ideas and decisions. I am a principle-based leader since I make a promise to my team members and always stick to them and deliver within the required period. Integrity is what it guides me when leading others. I am honest and always speak the truth to all people. As a leader, I am humble and ready to learn from others since it will add me some values in the future.
Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP) are registered nurses who are trained to provide healthcare services at homes. FNP can work separately or in partnership with other healthcare professionals. One of the duties of FNP is to diagnose and provide a treatment plan for patients with chronic diseases. As a leader, I will be ready to share with the community issues which lead to some of their family members to suffer from the same ailments. It is the role of FNP to track the health history of such families and determine the ma…

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