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Flock Behaviour revised

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Numb3rs: Season 2, Episode 8: Flock Behavior
The CBS series, Numb3rs produced by Ridley Scott and Tony Scott describes Charlie’s pathological behavior and sophisticated relationships with his brother, FBI Special Agent Don Eppes, and his father, Alan Eppes (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica). He works for the FBI as his brother’s partner and uses his mathematical skills to assist him in solving criminal cases. According to Pasta26mc, the activities described in the series are based on the mathematical concepts used in solving FBI criminal cases. Also, the film depicts Charlie’s mathematical formulas as critical to unlocking and solving difficult criminal cases. In Plain Sight, Megan ends up considering herself as the person to blame when an agent dies in an explosion at the site where the FBI discovered that a group of terrorists was illegally making methamphetamine. In the process of arresting the criminals in the house, where meth production was done, the ringleader succeeds to run away. Further investigation shows that he was involved in several child pornography cases. At the scene, Charlies notices a disturbing picture of a young lady and becomes obsessed with finding out her whereabouts. In this context, we analyze how Charlie uses Flock theory to understand and solve the criminal case.
According to Will (262), flock theory, describing the behavior of a flock of bird or swam of insects can be applied to …

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