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Film Analysis Paper:

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Sociology, as well as the theories related to the field of societies, is conspicuous in films. The three main theories of sociology that are largely presented are structural functionalism, conflict theory, in addition to symbolic interactionism. So as to properly demonstrate how these theories are represented in movies, it is imperative to begin by understanding and having a working definition of the respective theories.
In structural functionalism, cultures are regarded as creatures with independent parts. The implication is that all features of society, or all people within a society, function as individuals with individual objectives, however only with the aim that those personal objectives become beneficial to the society as a complete organism. In this model, the perpetuation of social existence is reliant on consensus and collaboration among the various sections of society. Conflict is perceived as socially disparaging, and transformation is regarded negatively as an interference with the normal, right order of life. The implication is that concerning this theory if the sections of the whole are involved in a conflict and cease to work collaboratively to achieve the objectives of the community, the result could lead to the ultimate obliteration of the society. This theory explores social arrangements, their implications on society, and the way people fit into a social arrang…

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