Feral Pigs and The Ecosystem

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Feral Pigs and The Ecosystem

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Feral pigs on Santa Cruz Island should be killed because they threaten the natural ecosystem (con)
The issue of ethics comes into play when humans think of slaughtering animals for meat. Is it morally right or wrong to kill animals for the sake of getting meat which is not so healthy to human beings? Pollan reveals this disturbing thought in his writing of The Omnivore’s Dilemma. However, it is ironical that the same concern does not get raised when animals get killed because of the purported idea that they are interfering with nature. This issue sends the wrong message and to some extent misplaced priorities especially for the groups that fight for the rights of all animal species in the world.
Killing pigs to save foxes because of the worth explains the epitome of discrimination that exists in our society. The wild pigs get disregarded yet in the first place it is the humans who brought them to those environs. The use of inhumane methods to cause death to the species of pigs is ruthless. To think that pigs are of significant contribution to nature in Salatin’s farm according to The Omnivore’s Dilemma yet feral pigs are getting killed is so painful. The ecosystem has a way of creating balance in nature that humans have no right to cause interference.
Domesticating the pigs was a better option or moving them to another place otherwise a better way of making the species extinct could have gotten found. Intentionally doi…

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