Feminist Perspective

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Feminist Perspective

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Feminist Perspective
Feminist theory mostly based on the female description, experience, and crises they go through in the patriarchal society. The theory seeks the social change concerning ending the neglect and women subordination. It is mainly defined by the experiences women go through in the society which are the center of the theory. In fact, the theory believes that that gender plays a crucial role and it’s the center of life thus affecting women differently, and hence it should be addressed appropriately in all aspect of life. Under feminism theory and its belief on women experience, it’s vital elaborate more on patriarchy.
Patriarchy ideology shows that the male dominance controls the society and therefore the male ideas supersede the women ideas. Furthermore, the society has developed values and structure, which subordinate the female and the ideology proves to women that they are weak gender through portraying the male status achievement. One of the greatest philosopher known as Simone de Beauvoir’s comes up with provocative declaration when he stated that “He is the subject. He is the absolute – she is the other” the declaration signals the vital importance of feminism because to the other simply means that one is non-person, non-agent and you are nobody (Hesse-Biber 64). The male dominance has been achieved through the development of cultural stereotypes, which undermines the female gender and proves that women should be…

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